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Living within Walls

April 6th, 2009. At 3.32.29 AM a 5.9 Richter magnitude earthquake shock devastated L’Aquila (Abruzzo, Italy) and the surrounding areas, leaving behind 309 victims, 1600 people wounded, ruins and thousands of refugees.

After 10 years, not much has changed.

The following images picture the devastation, the slow reconstruction, the MAP (Moduli Abitativi Provvisori) and the daily life of the people still waiting for a Home.

A mother (Serena) whispers: my little daughter once asked me, "mom, how is living within walls?"


(Arischia, Poggio Santa Maria, Collimate, Colle di Sassa, Sassa, Tagliare, Vallesina di Bagno, Grande Bagno, Piccolo Bagno, Civita di Bagno, Castelnuovo. Abruzzo, Italy. April, 2019.)

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